CommitteesMake a Difference

Bring your talents and desire to make a difference to one or more of our committees designed to bring much needed change to your community. Please read the description of each committee below and join one today!

Chair Person: Kathy Hemmat (click to email)

To promote media content consistent with fundamental NAACP goals which include the elimination of racial isolation and fear and the furtherance of multiracial and cultural understanding; endeavor to secure publicity for the work of the Unit and the association in the local press and on radio, television and other media; and interest the community to get involved in our mission and to promote the association’s history and contribution to our society.

Chair Person: Vincent A. Keeys (click to email)

The principal objective of the Economic Development Committee is to promote the growth of entrepreneurship among African Americans, and increase employment opportunities with private and public entities. The Economic Development Committee shall implement local efforts and support national programs to preserve and expand economic empowerment among African-Americans and other communities of color.

Chair Person: Open (click to email)

The Committee on Education shall: (1) seek to eliminate segregation and other discriminatory practices in public education; (2) study local educational conditions affecting minority groups; (3)investigate the public school system and school zoning; (4) familiarize itself with textbook material used in the school and seek to eliminate material there from which is racially derogatory; (5) seek to stimulate school attendance; (6) keep informed of school conditions and strive to correct abuses where they are found and; (7) aim to be a center of popular education on the race question and on the work of the association.

Chair Person: Corine Farguson (click to email)

The Freedom Fund Committee shall: (1) plan and conduct fund-raising activities, including entertainment and other projects, for local and national purposes within the scope of the associations program; (2) work closely with finance committee; (3) plan fund-raising affairs to raise your Freedom Fund assessment; (4) decide early in the year the type of affair(s) it will not schedule conflicting affairs. (See fund-raising manual for NAACP branches).

Chair Person: open (click to email)

 The Health shall: seek to improve overall health of African-Americans and other people of color, eliminating health care disparities and improving the access to quality health-care.

Chair Person: Harold Weeks (click to email)

The Legal Redress Committee shall: (1) investigate all cases reported to it; (2) supervise all litigation in which the branch is interested and; (3) keep the national office and the branch informed on the progress of every case. It shall not give legal advice.

Chair Person: Open (click to email)

 The Membership Committee shall: (1) work throughout the year to maintain and increase the membership of the Association; (2) be responsible for planning and organizing the annual membership campaign; and (3) be responsible on a continuous basis for soliciting new members and for securing renewals.

Chair: Liza McClenaghan

The Political Action Committee works to ensure voter empowerment through providing awareness, training, and programmatic support to ensure registration, education, administration, and election protection.  The NAACP has developed a nonpartisan voter empowerment program  designed to empower African American and people of color by increasing awareness and participation in the electoral process.  The Political Action Committee will support the NAACP’s mission to ensure political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

Chair Person: Open (click to email)

The Religious Affairs Committee shall include ministerial and lay religious leaders who are members of the branch. It shall: (1) promote an educational program designed to give a moral and ethical interpretation to the civil rights struggle; (2) interpret the work of the Association to organized religious groups of all faiths; (3) enlist the support of such organized religious groups for membership, fund-raising and the struggle for equality and full civil rights; and (4) provide resource assistance for religious education and social action activities associated with the improvement of race relations.

Committee Chair:  Jason  Francoeur
Youth Council Chair: Haneef Shakur 

Assist Youth Councils and College Chapters in achievement of NAACP goal. The Committee on Youth Work shall consist of youth council(s) Advisor (s), the youth council (s) President (s) , and five (5) persons appointed by the Branch President. The Youth council Advisor shall chair the committee.